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What is Minting NFT?

NFTs (“Non-Fungible Tokens”) are one-of-a-kind tokens that represent a one-of-a-kind item or asset, such as digital art. They may be auctioned off for collectors to bid on or buy, and the selling of NFTs opens up new revenue sources for artists.

Making a profile on Foundation does not necessarily imply that you will be allowed to mint NFTs. An artist may publish, distribute, and receive thousands of likes for a digital artwork thanks to the internet. 

We want to live in a future where digital producers have a variety of ways to monetize their amazing work. That’s why we’re thrilled to be able to sponsor digital art NFTs on Foundation. You will be able to build NFTs using Foundation once you have received and accepted an invitation to become a creator. We’re here to contribute to you to circumnavigate the procedure so you may trade your artwork as one-of-a-kind digital art NFTs while also nurturing a new collector base.

NFTs are tokens that are “minted” after they are generated, similar to how metal coins are minted and introduced to circulation. Your digital artwork is signified as an NFT, letting it to be bought and switched on the marketplace, as well as digitally followed when it is resold or together in the forthcoming.

How can I mint an NFT?

You can begin minting NFTs after you are a Foundation creator and have an ETH wallet. We strongly advise all authors to first verify their Twitter profiles before minting.Before you begin, make sure you have ETH (the money used for all Ethereum transactions) and a wallet set up.

Make a connection between your wallet and Foundation

Navigate to the and select “Connect Wallet.”Once you connect your wallet, your Foundation profile will be enabled, and you will be able to add a photo and connections to your social network profiles. This is your time to express yourself and offer potential collectors a greater feel of who you are.

What are the technological requirements for creating an NFT?

By pressing the ‘Create’ button in the upper-right area, you may begin the process of minting an NFT. You will formerly be directed to the “Create an NFT” page. You can submit a picture in JPG or PNG format, a movie in MP4 format, or a 3D file in GLFT or GLB format.

Upload a new piece of artwork

Submit a JPG, PNG, or MP4 file that is no more than 50MB in size. Width of 3000px is suitable for static pictures. 1080p or 4K footage is ideal. This file will be minimally compressed and shown on our website separately. We’ve discovered that items in the landscape or square format appear best on Foundation.Your files will be immediately transferred to IPFS after you’ve uploaded an artwork (InterPlanetary File System).

Since Foundation is a non-custodial platform, we do not store your artwork or cash on a centralized server. Instead, all of the artwork is housed on IPFS, a peer-to-peer hypermedia system built for widespread data exchange.The file is then hosted on IPFS to ensure that it will live on in perpetuity.

Include a title and a description

Include background information, exhibition history, and any other noteworthy data in this section. Collectors want to know as much as they can about your creative process. Before signing your NFT, confirm the details of your work. You will be unable to make any modifications to your NFT after it has been minted.

Why can’t I make modifications to my NFT once it’s been minted?

Once minted, an NFT exists in perpetuity on the Ethereum block-chain. Because all transactions on the block-chain are irreversible and tamper-proof, the Ethereum block-chain is more secure and impossible to manipulate. You can burn the token to permanently delete it if you want to upgrade your NFT. To prevent the need to burn an NFT, proceed with caution throughout the minting procedure.

Mint your NFT

Double-check that the artwork file, title, and description are all correct. When you’re finished, click the “Mint NFT” button.

Sign your NFT

You will be prompted to “Sign” the transaction by your wallet. You can sign your wallet in the same manner that a painter signs a canvas to establish its authenticity. While you sign your artwork, the NFT is alwaysconnected to your exclusiveEthereum address and wallet, allowing collectors to validate the piece is yours—and ensuring that you are always identified as the original artist who receives royalty payments.

Approve gas 

To complete the minting, a gas cost must be approved in your wallet. Gas costs are the cost of connecting with the Ethereum block-chain; they are neither produced nor collected in any manner by the Foundation.

While you wait for your NFT to be minted

The minting procedure begins when you have signed your NFT and paid the gas cost. While you wait, our smart contract executes code that deploys your artwork on the Ethereum block-chain. If you want to check the status of the minting process, select “View on Etherscan” to receive an estimate of when it will be finished.

Avoid double-minting 

While you wait for your transaction to complete, we strongly advise avoiding minting the same NFT or pressing the “Mint NFT” button several times. Be patient while your NFT is being created. If you submit numerous transactions, Ethereum will process them in the order they are received, and your wallet will get backed up with transactions that are waiting to be verified.

Completed minting

You will now be able to see your minted NFT on your profile after the transaction has been verified.

Felicitations on completing your first NFT with Foundation!