What is NGMI in Crypto

NGMI, or “Not Going to Make It,” refers to a poor choice of action in an investment. For example, selling an NFT at a loss when others believe the project will succeed long-term may be considered NGMI by that person’s peers. There are many hidden terms that crypto community uses. NGMI is one of them.

In crypto and NFTs World NGMI simply stands for “Not going to make it.” That means a specific coin or NFT project is not good enough and will fail.

What does NGMI mean?

NGMI (Not Going to Make It) refers to a negative decision or poor judgment that leads you to fail in the long term. For example, if traders sell tokens they do not believe in, they may be considered NGMI.

“Not Going to Make It” is a term used to describe someone who has made a poor decision or exercised poor judgment. It refers to an investor who has made the wrong decision about a financial asset.

NGMI (Not Going to Make It) is an acronym for a decision or action that has been judged by the community to mean that the creator of the NFT will not achieve success. For example, if someone sells an NFT at a loss while others believe in the project’s long-term success, the seller may be judged as NGMI.

What is the Best Way to Use NGMI Respectfully?

Usually members of an in-group (such as the people who believe that non-fungible tokens are the future) employ NGMI toward other in-group members or holders of NFTs in a collection (such as those who price their NFTs at or above the floor price).

The term “No Good, Very Bad” is also stands for NGMI and often used by some meme traders and NFT collectors to describe the actions of traders who price their NFTs too low in a listing that could be worth more, constantly change their selling price on an item or flip NFTs without consideration to profits/losses.

We can say NGMI is a derogatory term used by holders of non-fungible tokens to refer to fellow token holders who do not hold the same belief in the future of non-fungible tokens. You should be careful when using NGMI, as it has a strongly negative connotation.

What is the Significance of Using NGMI with Crypto and NFTs?

The significance of using NGMI with crypto and NFTs is that it allows for the interoperability between different blockchains. NFTs are not the most suitable for use with modern blockchain platforms because they lack the ability to support complex smart contracts.

The Non-Fungible Token standard is intended to address this issue by providing a standard API that can be used to create and manage NFTs on any platform.

NGMI terms helps to evaluate the NFT investment and improves the possibility to determine whether new NFT project going to make it or not.

NGMI are NFTs with no market appeal

NGMI is short for NFTs with no market appeal. It’s a term we frequently used in crypto and NFT market. The idea behind it is that many crypto assets have some kind of value attached to them. They’re being traded or used as currency on a blockchain platform. But some NFTs aren’t being traded at all, so they have no market appeal.

NFTs can be used in many different ways and can be traded on the market. However, not all NFTs are equal. There are some that have no market appeal at all and they can’t be traded or sold because they lack any value.

NGMIs are not easily saleable due to low public Interest

NGMIs are not easily saleable due to low public interest. This is because they are not well recognized by people, they are not easy to understand and they have a complex structure. In other words, for example, if you have a token that represents gold in your possession and you have no intention to sell it, then you will have difficulty selling it because most people do not know about it or do not want to buy it from you because they don’t know what it represents exactly or how much value it has in real life.

There are several reasons that NGMI labeled NFTs Can Not Going to Make it:

  • The tokens are not listed on any exchange and have to be traded privately. (Exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi, OKEx, etc., are unlikely to list NGMIs.)
  • NGMIs do not offer dividends or other income streams. Investors in NGMIs must rely on appreciation alone for returns.
  • There is no secondary market for NGMIs; therefore, there is very little liquidity in the market.

NGMI can have value in the form of rare or unique item that can help the buyer collectible them all

NGMI can have value in the form of rare or unique item that can help the buyer collectible them all. If a user wants to buy an item from another user, they must bid for it and if the amount bid is higher than another offer for the same item, then it will be sold to them.

On opensea making all transactions public can also increase success of NGMI NFTs so that everyone can see who owns what items and how much they paid for them. In block chain everything is public so just by highlighting the price and bids can increase the chances of a NGMI project.


In Crypto and NFT world MGMI means that this project will not make it or it has red flags. It is also used to downgrade a project. But it also helps to determine the value of crypto and NFT project. s