Where To Sell Solana NFT

The Ethereum network is slow, and the gas prices are expensive. It’s time to get rid of it and take the Solana train! To begin with, you’ll need to find an established Solana NFTS marketplace. And that’s what we’ll be talking about today. Solana, on the other hand, needs to be described before we get started.

What Is Solana?

Decentralized blockchain platform Solana is ideal for building scalable and responsive apps. With a market cap of approximately $28 billion, this blockchain is traded on the SOL exchange. In the end, it’s a low-cost solution that can process up to 50,000 transactions per second at a cost of just $0.00025 each transaction. At the time of this writing, the Ethereumblockchain processes 30 transactions per second at a cost of $5.57 (0.0022ETH) each transaction. This is faster and cheaper than this.

What Is a Crypto Wallet?

To buy, trade, receive, and store cryptocurrencies like Solana, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others, you’ll need a crypto wallet, which can be either a piece of hardware or a piece of software (an app). Many Solana NFT wallets may be found, such as the Phantom, Solflare, Clover, and Math Wallet, amongst others.

You must link your online wallet to a Solana NFT marketplace in order to transact there. You may see all of your listed NFTs, mints, and collections in your wallet after linking it to a Solana NFT marketplace. The wallet can also be linked to many marketplaces.

To begin, these are the top Solana NFT exchanges you should be checking out right now!

1.    Solanart

Thousands of people visit Solanart every month, making it the most popular online marketplace for Solana products. It’s sold tens of thousands of pieces of digital art so far. As a result, its credibility is undeniable. Solana Monkey Business, Degenerate Ape Academy and others are included in its list of notable ventures.

On the selling price of each NFT, Solanart charges a 3% marketplace fee. To begin, you’ll need to have some money in your pocket. You’ll also find the names and descriptions of a number of different collections on this page.

NFT’s sales history and market value can also be viewed in a beautiful line visualisation in the stats directory. Combined with a section on the homepage showing forthcoming Solanart NFT initiatives, this may aid in determining whether project is worthy of submission. Then there’s the possibility of staking a portion of the Bold Bargers Squad.

Connecting Solana cryptocurrency wallets is also a breeze. As soon as you do so, you’ll be able to see NFTs that you may list and begin selling. On the other hand, you’ll need to fill out a couple Google Forms to mint and list your NFT.

Math Wallet, Sollet and Slope are among the wallets that may be used with Clover.

2.    Digitaleyes

Solana NFTs can be sold on Digitaleyes in an open market. Collections such as the Famous Fox Federation and the Crypto Idols are available on this site as well as many more.

You can start uploading your mint right now because it is an open platform. Pre-approval for your collection is still required. That, however, does not constitute a frantic situation. Notably, you may keep track of upcoming NFT releases using the calendar provided by the app.

Listing on Digitaleyes is free of charge. A 2.5 percent service fee is charged on every NFT transaction. As of now, it’s offering a discount of 60.4% on that service charge. Overall, Digitaleyes’ charging schedule is appropriate for novices.

A few mouse clicks are all that is needed to connect a cryptocurrency wallet. This isn’t a complete list of all the wallets that are supported by Solong. And now that the Digitaleyes Launchpad has been out, connecting your Solana wallet to a brand new NFT has never been easier. Once the NFTs have been confirmed, you can connect to them with a single click from the Launchpad.

NFTs can also be viewed on the open market or in your crypto wallet, if you decide to sell them. For newcomers, Digitaleyes is a terrific place to start. In addition, there are authenticated collections. There’s no doubt about it: you’re getting the real deal here.

3.    Solsea

Additionally, Solsea is a marketplace that is both open and rigid, with collections like the Galactic Gecko, the Skeleton Screw Skull, and more. It also allows you to include copyright licences in your NFTs, which is one of its most distinctive features. What if you want to keep your NFTs and make money without selling them? On the platform, there is a stake option.

Also, Solsea accepts USDT and USDC as exchange options in addition to SOL. On this site, you may create collections and add mints to them. You may also look up statistics and see planned NFT collections in this section.

Collections and new mints, on the other hand, must first be approved by submitting proof of authorship. It allows anyone to purchase NFTs minted on Solsea, but it bans the selling of NFTs minted outside of Solsea.

The listing and delisting fees are based on the cost of petrol on Solana, which makes minting and listing on this platform more expensive. Wallets hosted on Sollet, Torus, Phantom, Slope, Coin98, Solflare, and Ledger can all be connected via a single interface. In addition, the minting price varies with the size of your NFT file. Solsea is a popular destination for investors. As a result, it has gained considerable traction.

4.    The Metaplex

The open-source code of an NFT ecosystem, on the other hand, deviates from the norm. Tools for developing markets, selling collectibles and mints, and connecting directly with your audience are all included in this package.

In the end, Metaplex eliminates the influence of third-party systems by providing you with a collection of tools based on Solana to construct and personalise your storefront. You can, however, envision a physical storefront where customers can come to see your NFTs, get in touch with you, and make purchases.

Creating a marketplace on Metaplex is simple and inexpensive, but the process of getting it up may be a little more complicated because it takes some knowledge of programming. Nevertheless, if you don’t mind fiddling with a few settings, you could give it a shot.

5.    Magic Eden

Aside from avant-garde art collections, are you interested in Solana NFT games like the Galactic Fight League, MonkeyBall, and Desolate Metaverse? Your best bet is Magic Eden. With a few thousand visitors each month, it’s second only to Solanart in terms of popularity.

Many different Solana wallets are supported, including as Phantom, Solflare, Slope, Ledger, Sollet, Clover, Solong, and Math Wallet. Magic Eden allows you to view and participate in live and upcoming NFT auctions, as well as collect and list your own NFTs. On the platform’s homepage, you may see forthcoming projects and popular collections.

To begin, you must first submit your collection for review and approval by the Magic Eden staff, which usually takes one to two days. You can see supply and pricing trends for each NFT collection featured on the marketplace in the Stats area on the side.

Listing on the platform is free of charge. However, each NFT transaction is charged a 2% fee. Creators can mint their collections without any complexities thanks to a Launchpad that comes with the app.